Stay calm! with quality driving lessons Exmouth, Exeter

Your confidence is rock bottom when it comes to driving and I do not need to tell you how your nerves are holding you back...but I can help

Suffering from nerves and being an anxious driver is a terrible thing, but it is a hurdle you can cross. Whether you feel sick, sweaty palmed or just plain frightened there is a solution to your problems.

My name is Ian, and I have been a driving instructor for a long time, I also specialise with helping people just like you overcome your confidence issue and go on to be happy drivers.

You have already taken your first step by reading this, the next thing to do is to phone me and tell me your story. You don´t have to book a lesson with me, because I am more than willing to visit you for another talk and show you the car.

My promise to you is I will never shout, I will always be patient, friendly and very supportive of you.

Get on the road to your licence with Ian Taylor Driving Tuition
Ian Taylor Driving Tuition
Lesson times
7am - 4pm
7am - 4pm
7am - 4pm
7am - 4pm
8am - 4pm
Bank hols

I will answer texts or phone calls when I can. The above times are for lessons.

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