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Why wait until you are 17 to be able to drive.

Under 17 Driving Lessons at Westpoint. 


If you are under 17 and can't wait to get behind the wheel and learn to drive, or would like to build up your confidence, then my under 17 lessons are just what you need.

The under 17 course is designed to give you the basic skills and knowledge of driving before you go onto the main roads.

This will help you with become confident, giving you better awareness of other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

I do believe that by taking these lessons you will be a better educated young driver and be less likely to become part of the group of young drivers that are involved in accidents within the first 6 months of gaining your full licence.

We can teach young drivers at 16 years of age, and you don't require a provisional driving licence for this either. Just a passport as proof of age.

1st Time Pass - 4 Minor Faults

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