Aaron Coles.....

Thanks once again Ian for your time and patience getting me through. I couldn't thank you enough. You've been great and so supportive too! I shall recommend you certainly to people.


Customers comments



Luke Jackson.....

When I first started driving with Ian I was a nervous wreck, however I have now passed my test with only 3 minors this is down to Ian's teaching skills! I have now been driving by myself for the past month and a half and I love the freedom it gives me. I would thoroughly recommend Ian as an instructor.

Customers comments


Sam Jenkins.....

I would (and have) recommended Ian to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I started learning after many years of not having any lessons and had brought with me a few more nerves than I had before I stopped. Ian is so patient, encouraging and has filled me with confidence. He explains things in a clear and concise way, he is so professional and has made learning to drive so much fun. After every lesson I genuinely believe I have learnt something new and with each lesson my confidence grows.


Thanks mate! 


Customers comments

Dan Turnbull.......   

Learning to drive can be an empowering and wonderful experience. It can also be bloody terrifying, and almost certainly will require a fair bit of money. Picking which instructor is going to get you through it is one of the biggest decisions you're ever going to make.

So after many e-mails to many companies and about half s dozen phone calls to a shortlist of people, I decided to throw my lot in with Ian. This proved to be a good move. He was calm, confident and capable; even when I was doing something very very stupid and? or dangerous.


I started learning to drive about fifteen years later than most people start and this brain of mine isn't quite as sharp as my seventeen year old self. Nether the less; Ian managed to find ways to get the required information into my stubborn mind and make it stick.


And now after four months I have passed, first time, with only four faults and no one died in the process!


Learning to drive is an investment, not only in time and money but also an investment in the person teaching you. You need to be able to trust them to keep you safe when you do something daft ( you WILL do something daft, and it's OK). and also be able to make you understand why the thing you did was daft in the first place. With Ian you have invested wisely.


Cheers Ian. It's been emotional.


Customers comments

James Tozer.......

Ian Has a great personality and sense of humour so every lesson is enjoyable. If you make a mistake or don't fully understand something he will explain it in a veri logical way, which will make you wonder how you didn't think like that. After every lesson he likes to talk to you and explain what you need to work on and what you're good at. I would personally recommend Ian Taylor to anyone that is looking to learn to drive.

Customers comments


Charlie Greeves.....

I have been learning to drive for 4 years ( with many breaks and with different instructors) I was lacking in confidence on the road and decided to start with Ian less that a year ago. Since I've started with him my confidence using the road has developed more and more. Through Ian;s easy ways of teaching, and his relaxed/ can do approach, I have now passed my practical test and I couldn't have done it without him so Thank's Ian 🙂 I would recommend Ian to anyone who wants to learn to drive, he is dedicated to ensuring all his pupils pass and is also a genuinely lovely person! I'll miss him a bit 🙂

Love Charlie. 




Customers comments


Yjumye Hurley-Scott.

I was learning with Ian for a year and a half, and recently passed my test first time. From day one he helped me look past my nerves and gave me the confidence and support to carry on as there were many times I wanted to give up. It took me longer than usual to take my test as I had work and college commitments, but every time I got in to driving Ian got me to a good standard within a few weeks, giving me the confidence every time I got back in to it again. I had no confidence in myself and got frustrated all the time and I'm so happy and relieved. He is a very good and genuine instructor and will stick with you until the end.




Customers comments


Gill King.....


Ian is a brilliant driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. I was so nervous when I first started learning and just didn't believe I could do it, and his calm confidence in me is what got me through it. I know that I passed first time because he had the confidence in me, so I had confidence in myself.


We had a load of laughs together, I've cried a fair few times, there's been frustrations as well as good times and Ian was there supporting me through it all. He's given me the confidence to make my own decissions and know that I am a safe driver.

Thank you Ian for just being the best, I'll miss our chats and giggles.




Customers comments

Andy Rose.....


Ian's a fantastic teacher who gives you everything you need to pass the practical test. I would recommend to anyone.




Customers comments


Ines Galamba de Oliveira.....

While taking slightly longer than I expected at first, I really enjoyed taking lessons with Ian. He is patient ( very much needed when I have a million questions), super punctual and was always available to assist with anything both driving and last minute theory questions! I would like to thank him for everything and I recommend him to anyone who wants to start driving! Will miss my little red and white striped 'Swift', was a pleasure.


Ines Galamba de Oliveira


Customers comments

Alex Brown.....


Thank you very much to Ian. Always punctual and very easy going. Great knowledge and tips helped in allowing me to pass so quickly and enjoyably. Thoroughly recommend Ian as an instructor! Thanks again.




Customers comments

Gerry Irwin.....


Having Ian as my instructor was an absolute bonus. Every lesson was different with the focus on particular areas Ian thought needed polishing and he delivered exactly what he said he would. Ian was always on time and made sure you know you were his priority during the whole lesson.


He promised to get the pass as quickly and easily as he could and that is precisely what he did. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian as a driving instructor for any one from the most nervous to some one with experience needing a steadying hand. A very professional and efficient instructor with a great sense of humour which reassures and relaxes which means you only have to focus on learning.


Thanks for everything Ian for a very rewarding experience.



Customers comments

Mark Powers.....


Ian was a patient, professional and allowed me to progress at a speed I was comfortable with and I would have no hesitation in recommending him! Thank you for your support and encouragement.



Customers comments

George Thomas.....


A very friendly, calm and straightforward experience. Ian is a great teacher with extensive knowledge of the trade. I will definitely be recommending my friends and family to Ian. Thanks Ian.



Customers comments

Roopam Pradip Shah.....


A big thank you to Ian Taylor for the wonderful teaching experience. You made it so simple and easy for me. Thank you once again. 


Customers comments

Jemma Collier.....


I've had such an amazing experience driving with Ian, couldn't of asked for a better instructor! The lessons were always about what I wanted and needed and they were so fun. The lesson times were always so flexible and I could always get a lesson. I passed my practical test first time in really rainy and windy weather and I had never been so happy! This is definitely an experience I'll never forget, than you.


Customers comments

Josh Case.....


I previously came from another driving company where I failed my test twice. When I heard about Ian and his amazing service I knew I had to give him a shot. 

The second I got in the car and I started to drive with him he explained anything I was doing wrong in detail but constructively. After a few lessons I went for my test and passed  with two minors, I can't thank Ian enough he is high;y recommended.


Thank you Ian for helping me get my freedom.......


Customers comments

Lela Rogers.....


First of all I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to you Ian for your patience, professionalism and support.


I was such a bag of nerves when I first started learning with Ian so much so that I couldn't even ring up to book my first driving lesson with Ian ( my husband had to do it ). But Ian's confidence in me soon began to rub off and before I knew it I was confidently mastering left and right hand turns, gear changes and driving on what were very scary main roads. It has been a pleasure to learn to drive and if I can do it anyone can. But be warned Ian you haven't quite got rid of me just quite yet as I will be sending my son your way prewtty soon.


Thank You Again.



Customers comments

Jack Smith.....


I found learning to drive with Ian an enjoyable fun experience. He is very patient and he made me feel confident and relaxed throughout each lesson. I am sure it was because of Ian that I passed my test first time.....

Now for you to tech both my mum and brother.




Customers comments

Chris Brown.....


I started with another company who lead me to fail my test, so I changed my instructor to Ian. After an assessment, Ian suggested 4 or 5 hours would be enough to correct my mistakes. Ian was ready and at my house ready to start 5 minutes before both my lessons and my test and when  my time was finished I was made to feel like I was the most important thing to him. I wasn't rushed away for the next learner. During my lessons I felt very relaxed and comfortable around my instructor, he helped me believe in my own ability and also gave me the confidence to make my own decisions. I will be recommending  Ian to my friends.


Thank You Ian.



Customers comments

Martin Dyer.....

I've never driven a car before, the second I got in the car with Ian the first time I've never felt so at ease. Ian fills you with confidence and puts your mind in the right place for the task ahead. He was always on time and always happy tp see you. Am so glad that I chose Ian as my instructor as he clearly loves what he doesfor a job and it shows in the way he teaches you. For any of you guys who want to learn to drive, I would strongly recommend choosing Ian, even if he's booked up he is well worth waiting for. I've now passed with only 2 minor s and it's all down to the way Ian taught me. If you choose Ian I would consider yourself very lucky to have him. Ps Thank you Ian for everything you done for me I enjoyed every minute I was driving with you, I just can't thank you enough! Martin. 





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