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To Pass Your Driving Test
Ian Taylor Driving Tuition - Helping You Pass 1st Time

WARNING: Only Around 75% of learner drivers fail their driving test at the first attempt. If you want to avoid being caught in this statistic read more...

Don't let me put you off with learning to drive because it will be one of the best things you can ever do, and while finding driving schools is easy enough, finding the right driving instructor is very difficult. So today I am going to show you how to pass your driving test first time. Introduce you to my training courses and offer you a remarkable TRIPLE GUARANTEE.

So why are so many people failing first time? In short they are not being taught correctly and when they going into the driving test many are crossing their fingers in hope, after you have shelled out on driving lessons it is not the position where you want to be. 

Before you go into your driving test you need to have completed your progress report card, this shows that you can do everything which is needed. You need to have passed a mock test, which is super to build your confidence. And on the lessons in the run up to the driving test you need to be driving without my assistance, this will prove you are prepared and ready to go.

Now the driving examiner is looking for a few things. If you have the mentality of a safe driver, in control of the car, aware of what is going on around you and adjusting your driving to what you see and to follow the highway code. So to make life simpler for you and so that driving comes as second nature, we'll be doing all that that from your first driving lesson!

1st Time Pass - 4 Minor Faults

Sophie Took The Driving Test Rescue Course

Driving Lessons Exeter

- The Beauty Of Driving

Make no bones about is learning to drive is just a wonderful thing to do and the freedom and independence it gives you is almost breath taking. Ok so you have the convenience of staying in bed for longer because you are no longer reliant on public transport but the real advantages are quite life changing. While weekends away with your friends are fun, the ability to get a better paid job because of your mobility really opens up your life.

When you learn to drive it is my responsibility to make sure you can drive to the standard needed to pass the driving test and to have a good time along the way.

Driving Schools Exeter

- Beginner Lessons

When you start to learn to you are looking for a few things. The first is a nice and friendly driving instructor. The second thing you want is to have a good time and the third thing you want is to be driving as quickly as possible. My beginner lessons are quite different to most driving schools in Exmouth because I think right from the first lesson you need to learn some good habits. It's developing these driving habits which helps driving become second nature so when you are on your driving test you are stressed with needing to remember everything.

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- Confidence Building

I do offer a very well respected course of driving lessons for people who suffer from anxiety and nerves when getting into a car and driving, but I want to let you know it is perfectly normal.

On the course itself I will keep you safe, the car has dual controls so you have no worries and I won't push you out of your comfort zone. What we do is learn at your pace and push the boundaries when you are ready. You will find you are ready to accept bigger challenges as you become happier with the smaller ones.

Intensive Driving Lessons Exeter

- Intensive Driving Lessons
More and more people are taking to intensive driving courses, simply because you can pass in less time and because you are compacting your learning you need fewer driving lessons and a smaller budget.

Traditionally intensive driving courses consisted of 30 or 40 hours of learning in a week, but I offer other courses where you can spread your hours f the weekends and over a mont to make it more comfortable for you.

Would you agree that all driving schools look the same? I think so and I really do try to go that extra mile to show you how good I am, so I want to present to you the TRIPLE GUARANTEE. The purpose is to make sure you get what you are paying for.
If you do not like your driving lesson, ask for your money back.
When it comes to your driving test if you do not pass first time, I will cover the cost of the second driving test. And because I want you to be a safe driver, if you ever need me in the 2 years after your driving test I can give you free refresher lessons as part of the driving lessons warranty.
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