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To Pass Your Driving Test
Ian Taylor Driving Tuition - Helping You Pass 1st Time

DID YOU KNOW: Only 25% of learner drivers will pass their driving test at the first attempt.
If you want a better chance then read on...

To say that you are paying for professional driving instruction to learn that 75% are failing their first driving test is shocking! Out of all driving tests taken only 50% will pass. And the reason is simple...

Learner drivers like you are not being taught to drive properly. Let me show you why.
The driving test is a measuring device to see if you are a safe driver,that's all it is, nothing more then that. So wouldn't it make perfect sense if you know when you became a safe driver good enough to drive on your own and impress the driving examiner.

I'm going to show you exactly how to pass your driving test first time, it is also going to save you a lot of money. On your first driving lesson I am going to give you a progress report card and this is vital as it details every single activity you need to be able to complete. So before you go into your test you will have finished this.

Now the test can be a bit nervy so you are going to pass a mock test first, thats great for your confidence. And finally you will be driving without my support, because lets face that is what you need to be able to do.

This is why my pass rate is good, actually its very good. You are coming to me for a driving licence and I think you can see and have worked out for yourself you are going to do well,so pick up the phone and call me.

1st Time Pass - 4 Minor Faults

Sophie Took The Driving Test Rescue Course

Driving Lessons Sidmouth

- The Beauty Of Driving

I can't say how much driving is going to change your life, it's just a brilliant thing to do and once you have your driving licence you will be able to do so much. Yes of course the first thing we tend to think about is the convenience it brings but there is so much more including better work opportunities and going away with your friends at weekends...every one loves a good road trip!

I will make sure you have the best learning to drive experience as possible and you can rely on my triple guarantee. 

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- Beginner Lessons

You do not want to be a beginner for long, so your driving lessons are designed to help you settle in really quickly so that you feel confident enough to take on some of the more challenging aspects to driving. 

On your first lesson you are actually going to learn what it need to pass your driving test and then each lesson all the skills you learn ill be based on this simple formula. What you are to learn is how to be a natural driver, so you can blitz the driving test.

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- Confidence Building

Have you ever thought that the human race wasn't really designed for driving cars? And if you have then you are right. In reality its only been the last 40 years or so where all families have been able to afford a car and travel at very fast speeds yet as a species we have been on this planet just a little longer than that! 

So if you do not feel too confident with driving it is hardly surprising but I can help you. I have developed a great technique for all learner drivers where I help you become relaxed, in control, comfortable and just feeling right for driving.

If you need driving lessons like this then call me.

Intensive Driving Lessons Sidmouth

- Intensive Driving Lessons 

You could if you really would like to, pass your driving test in a very short space of time,and the way to do that is with an intensive driving course. Back in the day these were known as crash courses and usually you would take 30 or 40 hours in a week. Thats a lot of driving and a lot of learning in a short space of time.

If you want to get your driving licence in a few weeks time then what we can do are lessons over the weekend, say 10 hours over a Saturday and Sunday;or perhaps 2 hours a day during the week. You will learn quickly, you will probably needed fewer hours to learn and you can save money. Give me a call about it.

Would you agree that all driving schools look the same? I think so and I really do try to go that extra mile to show you how good I am, so I want to present to you the TRIPLE GUARANTEE. The purpose is to make sure you get what you are paying for.
If you do not like your driving lesson, ask for your money back.
When it comes to your driving test if you do not pass first time, I will cover the cost of the second driving test. And because I want you to be a safe driver, if you ever need me in the 2 years after your driving test I can give you free refresher lessons as part of the driving lessons warranty.
Do you like this idea then call me now.
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