I have made the following videos to demonstrate how you should drive on these very short slip roads.

Chudleigh Car Park.

Chudleigh car park, new manoeuvre.

This video shows you one of the new manoeuvres.

New Driving Test Manoeuvre.

Splatford Split.

The Splatford Split is an area on the A38 that causes so many problems, here you can see how I drive and plan ahead.

How to plan well ahead at the Splatford Split.

Splatford Split.

Leaving Kennford for Exeter top slip road.

Leaving Kennford at the Top Slip Road heading to Exeter via A38 / A379.

Leaving Kennford Via Top Slip Road heading for Exeter.

Leaving Kennford.

Turning right from the A379 to Exminster at Little Silver.

Turning right for Little Silver heading to Exminster at Tuckers garage A379. This road is a National Speed Limit Road, a dangerous road with very limited visibility. Watch how I drive it safely.

Turning right to Little Silver / Exminster A379.

Turning right for Little Silver / Exminster.

Turning into Kennford from the A379.

Turning right into Kennford from the  A379.

Turning into into Kennford from the A379.

Turning into Kennford.

Leaving Kennford on the top slip road for the A379.

Taking the top slip road leaving Kennford to the A379

Taking the bottom slip road from Kennford joining the A379

Top slip road leaving Kennford.